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    Welcome to Texas Geneaholic!

    This website was born because I was blessed with a lack for any sense of direction. Yes! You read that correctly.

    When I was a kid, learning north, south, east and west for me was Oklahoma (north), Austin (south), Dallas (east) and El Paso (west).
    My once felt curse of being lost after driving further than west of El Paso quickly became a wonderful eye-opening experience that
    lead me to virtual ghost towns and cemeteries sitting off old dirt roads which sparked a deep desire in me to explore and learn more
    about my own Texas history.

    Researching the young lives of my ancestors who began their journey inside this beautiful state began for me over 20 years ago. The
    stories and photos I have collected over the years are, literally, over-flowing from my file cabinet; therefore, I would like to share
    these with you as I get my files reorganized.

    Hopefully, you will find some information here about your ancestors or just enjoy reading about the many families I have researched
    over the years.

    Thank you for visiting, and...Enjoy!!

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