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Defunct counties

There have been at least thirty-two counties established by Texas law that no longer exist. These fall into five categories: judicial counties;
counties established by the Constitutional Convention of 1868–69; counties never organized which were abolished by legislative act;
counties whose territory is no longer considered part of the state; and counties whose names have been changed.[12]

  • Buchel County, formed in 1887 from Presidio County. Annexed in 1897 to Brewster County.

  • Dawson County, formed in 1858 in what is now Kinney County and Uvalde County and abolished in 1866. Not to be confused with
    Dawson County

  • Encinal County, formed in 1856. Abolished in 1899 and annexed to Webb County.

  • Foley County, formed in 1887 from Presidio County. Annexed in 1897 to Brewster County.

  • Greer County, formed in 1860. Separated from Texas by U.S. Supreme Court ruling in United States v. State of Texas, 162 U.S. 1

  • Perdido County, formed in 1824 and forgotten during the upheavals of the 1840s. Perdido was reportedly abolished in 1858 and
    again in 1871. Records of annexation to Dawson County are also inconclusive.

  • Santa Fe County, Texas formed in 1848 from lands ceded by Mexico. It included the area of New Mexico east of the Rio Grande.
    Abolished under the Compromise of 1850 and became Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

  • Wegefarth County, formed in 1873 in the Texas Panhandle and abolished in 1876.

  • Worth County, formed in 1850 from part of Santa Fe County. Abolished under the Compromise of 1850.
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